Spanish Editorial Services

Translation Our Spanish translators are all college-trained native speakers with complete mastery of the Spanish language, its vocabulary, grammar and syntax. Additionally, they have lived and trained in the United States and abroad and are fully bilingual and bi cultural,

Our translators of educational material have years of experience in textbook translation for K-12 and College in areas such as Mathematics, Literature, Language Arts, Science, World Languages, Social Sciences , and are highly skilled at clarifying and adapting original content for the Spanish-speaking audience.

Some of our translators have additional experience developing monolingual (Spanish) or bilingual (English/Spanish) dictionaries in Colombia.

Our writers and editors are aware of the need for sensitivity in subject matter, language, and illustrations for use in our school environment, and they are equally aware of the many issues involving appropriate vocabulary, regionalisms, understandability, level of language, etc. when writing and editing for the Native Speaker population in the U.S.

Our literary translation is done by experienced translators with advanced college training in literature and creative writing.

Creative Writing Our writers have published original fiction, children’s stories, and college-level material in Spanish as well as English.

World Languages – Spanish One of our main areas of expertise is conceptualizing, developing, and editing material for Spanish Language Programs, particularly workbooks, assessments and other ancillary products. This work includes development of original reading selections and scripts for middle and high school ancillaries. Because our writers and editors are fully bi cultural, they are especially attuned to issues of diversity and cultural appropriateness.

Editing Pupil Editions, Teacher Editions, Ancillaries Our editors are experienced in the complex and detailed structure of school materials. And they are knowledgeable in the specific language and social issues involved in writing and editing for the Native Speaker student community.

Spanish Editing We can take your Spanish or Spanish/English manuscript through the full editing process, including copy editing, proofreading, production page editing, and final quality control.

In addition, we provide native read, cold read, and editing for consistency and appropriateness of language. We are constantly attentive to any areas that may require adaptation or clarification for readers in the target language.

Art We can provide clear, lively, and culturally appropriate illustrations for your Spanish-language materials. Our artists, like our writers and editors, have first-hand knowledge of various cultures and languages.

Training and Supervision Our staff is small, but top-quality and highly efficient. All our staff possesses high-level Spanish language expertise. Project Management Please click Your Outsourced Team for details.