English Editorial Services

Creative Writing Our writers are published authors who will write lively and appealing stories, poems, biographies, scripts, or non-fiction for your educational programs.

Educational Material We develop content, especially ancillaries such as workbooks, lab books, and others for Science, Mathematics, Language Arts, World Languages, and Social Sciences. We will help you conceptualize ancillary materials and can also write scripts and other content for your technology products.

Illustration Because we have partnered with Alejandro Fischer, our writers and illustrators work together to develop artwork that is closely tailored to the needs of the editorial content.

World Languages We specialize in workbooks, assessments, and other ancillaries for World Languages, including Spanish and French. For more information, please click on Spanish Editorial Services.

Editing We can take your manuscript through the full editing process, including content editing, editing for consistency, copyediting and proofreading, cold read, and final quality control. We work with textbooks, ancillaries, trade books, scripts, and other types of products, helping you bring them to printer-ready quality.

Editing Pupil Editions, Teacher Editions, Ancillaries Our editors are experienced in the complex and detailed structure of school materials. And they are sensitive to social issues specific to the school environment.

Middle School Adaptations We can adapt content, structure, and illustrations as needed for different grade levels.

Training and Supervision Our staff is small, but top-quality and highly efficient. If the scope of the project calls for additional capabilities or requires that we contract outside personnel, we will make sure they receive the training and close supervision they need, while we continue to exercise total quality control over your project. Project Management We believe strongly in the need for smooth teamwork and open communication with our clients. And we have a strong sense of personal accountability for every job we do, large or small. Please click Your Outsourced Team for more details.