Textbook Illustration

MC Editorial has partnered a creative, fast, and reliable small group of professional, college-trained artists. They can provide clear, lively, and culturally appropriate illustrations for all your needs.

Our illustrators work closely with MC Editorial’s content developers to make sure that artwork is culturally and educationally appropriate and that it reflects the quality and vision behind each product.

We will work with your editorial, design and production groups to supply the perfect illustrations for your projects, from simple, 1-color spot art to complex full-color scenes.

  • Black and white line illustrations Ideal for workbooks, lab books, or assessments
  • Full-color, complex illustrations
  • Photoshop/Illustrator Image Manipulation

Illustrations: Adult and Children’s Books, Periodicals

Our artists offer artistic and eye-catching Book and Periodical Illustration as well as artistic Illustration of Children’s Books. If you have written a book but canĀ“t find illustrations that match your writing, then give us a call. We will work with you and understand your needs. For more information please contact us anytime.

Click here to view more samples of textbook illustrations.